I have always had a passion for emergency medicine.  Though my dreams of becoming a firefighter/paramedic were cut short due to some chronic health issues and a change of course in life deterred me for a few years, I never lost my dream of being able to help people.  During the past 10 years or so I have bought many first aid kits only to find the contents were lacking.  They were not to my level or way past my level of training, had lots of stuff that was not relevant to my mission, or just had plain garbage in them.  Thus my dream of designing kits that would allow the end user, YOU, to build your own kit, the way that you want it, with the stuff that you need.  We have several kits offered on the site.  None are pre-built.  If you want something to be changed, we can change it.  If you want something taken out, we can do that too.  We want YOU to have the supplies you need when your emergency calls.  No BS, no crap, just the supplies you need, and only what you need.